Friday - June 8, 1945 for Thursday- Dearest darling-

Good morning - at last it is spring - but there is still a cool edge to the air. Yesterday was one of those hectic and terribly full days for me - from early morning to last at night - but withal it was a satisfying day. Worked pretty had during the day. Tried to spend my lunch hour relaxing but since I hade that report on my mind - I sat down to do some of it. After that I returned to work until 5:30. At this time I had arranged a collateral visit to the brother of Sea. Ser. Registrants - who was examined at the induction station and declared to have a "schizoid personality." The draft board where he is registered in Baltimore will not accept the 4F on that basis unless there is further evidence of the condition. so in preparation for sending a report to the Local Board Psychiatrist - I interviewed the kid - and later his brother. As far as I can see the kid is in a terrible condition- "its this new training I am getting in school it was not to difficult for me to see where he deviated from what we consider the "norm". however, also out if this new knowledge I have come to know how a good prognosis is there when the kid is caught at this time and given the needed psychotherapy. so my discussion on what his brother whois a lawyer - well adjusted - very bright - was for the purpose of getting additional Information - to corroborate information already obtained for the Reg. - and also to point out to him how important it is for the kid to get the necessary treatment - or else. the brother fully understood - and has the requisite fears for the kid - and certainly plans to do something about it, it was really a very interesting interview- and it gave me ample opportunity to practice some of the knowledges and understandings I have obtained. This is the best way – really to learn– because if I hadn’t had such an opportunity – the theory of the stuff would have been learned – then forgotten very soon after that, I grabbed a bite and went into class – where we discussed the Homo and heterosexual tendencies. Human behavior – it’s causes- its attitudes – the possibility of correction. Last week when we discussed sex problems at the base of unusual behavior patterns – there were a few questions – naturally, since people were still have an attitude regarding such manners, even though they are in the process of learning to have a more wholesome attitude – also it is a mixed class – also there are lots of recent graduates from college, who probably understood only half of what the instructor was saying. So when she came in to class this evening – she told us that she was interested in the questions asked, and those that were not asked. Innoway, she is psyching us as a group – but don’t kid yourself – we in the class continuously are psyching her. Anyways, it was an interesting class – after class we stopped for a Coke, and then went home at the hour of 12 – and then to sleep as the house was dark and all were asleep. Now to the other things that happened during the day – 1st – Olga called me, terribly happy and excited. she had received Martin’s 30 page letter dated 5/39 – an edit – she learned that some disposition had been indicated – that is almost definitely you boys will not go to other theaters – in other words remain where you are That it is quite a probability that you will return sometime around the beginning of next year. After the slump that Age has been in – this ( although not tremendously new information, as it was, what I had to consider, would be likely happen.) gave her new fresh lift in her moral. You can’t imagine how delighted she was that Martin wouldn’t remain where he is. I thought it was very good news, too – because it really cooperated my thinking – and I only hope that it is true. She also told me that Martin had written her that “ facts of life” regarding what had happened to you boys – and she found exciting reading – I could hardly believe that it was also. We were both in good spirits – if you come home when she says you will – that I will be able to go through the summer and fall without any vacation for the looking forward feeling – I think now that it is important to have something to look forward to, even though it may not be true. Therefore been to many anti-climax is, and we are too ready for the worst – that, even if we think something good is to happen immediately – and it does not materialized – we do not get the “knock” that we used to – so darling – it is good even to live on rumors. And now this in relation to your letters of 5/29/30 and 31. Was supposed when I read them (received. On my way out this morning) that you do not make mention as Martin did of the possible date of return. Furthermore – I was not surprised to know that you were going to Newtonburg – because I thought that Age meant that you would stay in Reims. That fact I think is bad – I don’t get that idea. In fact I am glad.