That, since you have to stay for many months – that you will have the opportunity to see new places, and people, ( even if their lice like the Germans). That doesn’t mean though you are part of the army of cc.? From your letter I assumed that it meant that there is some work to be done there along the lines of your outfit – so that you are being sent to fix it up – am I right? As you’re not mentioning to Age that your boys are going to the CBI front – no darling I did not tell her that you boys were going – I was talking generally just as you did in your letter regarding the various possible dispositions for your group. I merely said that we must not exclude that from some consideration. Evidently, Age took the matter to seriously – perhaps misunderstood. However, as usual – even if she did – this fear has made the new news That your boys will stay in Europe – seem remarkable and exciting – and has made her that much happier in the release of her tension and fears – you can’t imagine how happy she is as for Lily and Chase – I’m afraid she is counting a hell of a lot on the fact that Jack has 85 points and that he will come home sooner than you boys – at least I think that it is what she believes way down deep – but perhaps it is wiser Not to disillusion her at the moment if there is no actuality of that kind in the offering – she’s also as I can note, living a day today existence – and each day she thinks this is so – but for the days do slip away so quickly. As for your Forlow to England – GEEEE is so swell – I do hope that you get to Al – in his last letter I think he said that he was near Reading – I wonder whether he received the gift from the Gravic’s– he has never mentioned it at all. I do hope that it did not go lost – with a lot of other packages – which some jerk burned (he is now in jail) . I suppose you’ll get to see the Gravic’s – give them my love – oh, how stupid – you would anyways – and besides, you will not receive this letter until you get back from your follow. So you will have a chance to see Paris – at least for a brief moment – oh, boy – well, darling, I must go on an errand for Mom now – ( my lunch period) – oh I almost forgot – Eddie F. Called – upset because you haven’t written to him – he thought all kind of things – I defended you, Abely – I thought – but he didn’t think so – in fact you have set patterns with these people by writing them regularly – and they cannot understand a change in modest situation – attitude – responsibility – darn them. So long for now, dearest – oh, yes – I almost forgot – but I guess you know anyways – crested was rejected for the job in France because of physical disability. Poor guy – I bet he was so anxious to go. Do you think there might be a chance that you could be considered for the job – release from the US army for special duty – should I write the president or some thing – if you want me to do it? Hell I am daydreaming? To see you in six months or so – have a great time in Forlow love again – why not?