Monday, June 11, 1945 My dearest-darlingest dear,

  I am completely overwhelmed. I hardly know where to start to write tonite. I have just finished reading your travelogues -- dated June 3 - June 6. Tonite, I am glad though in a way sorry to tell you, it is quiet in the house. [?] Mother went to stay at a [?] in Bell [?], [?] that [?] away from the house might help out. So [?] am at 1115 p.m. all alone + [?] for a change! So I've spent the last almost one hour reading your thrilling letters + oh how my heart aches to be with you -- to share everything with you -- [?] it ever [?] anew [inspestion] -- + [?] I wanted to reassure you about the law of the [canners] -- How perfectly natural for [?] a happening, You were so tired  + it all [woose] pushed + strange! You were right [?], you