Friday - 12, June, 1945

Dearest darling -

Here I am at night seated in the living room. This was a hectic day, I must say.

I awoke this morning feeling very tired when I was "surprised" by a usual monthly occurrence which was a bit uncomfortable. Since I haven't taken a day off for a long time, I considered this excuse as good as any - so stayed in bed. Oh - such a nice feeling. Finally awoke - had a nice breakfast - & went back to sleep -- also very good. So far no hectic business. Then dressed & went downstairs to get the mail. No mail from you - but a postcard from the Western Union re: an undeliverable telegram dated 7/9. With trepidation, because we were unsure about this delay in returning home, I called W.U. & they delivered the telegrams. There were 2; one date 7/11 - really was a cablegram & the second of all things a telegram.