The first one stated that he was on his way, would see us soon, & he would call when he reached the U.S. The second was dated 7/13 - 3 P.M. from Connecticut - Arrived in U.S. - will call - Well - by Goodness! And he had flown in. Then not an hour passed & Al calls - he is in Springfield, Mass. had flown his plane home - (left London - yesterday - can you imagine) - & he would be home on Sunday. It was good to hear from him & to know that we would be seeing him very soon. But - goodness, that telegram business is really frightening stuff -- It has such a connotation today - that people shy away from sending telegrams entirely except in the most unusual situations.

Anyway, the kid is coming Home! & Getting Married - yes - that's what I mean in capitals - such talk about weddings etc.

Prior to calls - etc. - we received a big box of stuff from Al - with all his maps & compasses & things - way