interesting. Then I received your adorable package. Thank you. You sure have fine taste - I get the nicest things of all the girls. Such an attractive momma & Baby tankard set! And the Hankies are gorgeous - selling for about $5 a piece here in N.Y. I gave one to Ben, one to Dad - darling, if you don't mind. They loved them --

Now to the blouse - It is certainly a fine piece of work in every detail - and it fits - that is - to some degree. If the sleeves are meant to be long, darling - they are 7 inches too short - If they are 3/4 - the bands are too tight - but the shoulders fit - & altho it is a bit short & tightish - I should say, it is "well" fitted - after I wash & press it (not clean it, as it will get yellow as pure silk does) - it will look even better. I shall fix the sleeves for 3/4 length - The buttons are elegant - such good taste - really, darling -