If you have extra pieces of that lovely fabric - I should like very much having them - Bess said she would adore having a piece for a scarf - or a dickee front - & I could piece the cuffs on the blouse so I can wear it buttoned - otherwise, I shall have to remove the edge & make it with elastic so I can push it up to any length I please - Your tailor is really something! He even made the latest in shoulder pads - & all that sheering by hand! Thanks again - dearest!

I called Olga today since it is the first opportunity for me to get her. You see, I can't make outgoing calls at the office - & at lunch time (mine) she's out - & I can't reach her after hours - so there we are! But today, since I was home - I called. She is feeling quite well - both mentally & physically - though she had been "low" previously. She told me that Martin had written that he (& youse guys, I guess) would probably come home this year sometime - & that currently (as of 7/6 date of her last letter (mine is 6/28)