You fellows are working a 7 day per week schedule! Holy Hat! Also she told me about Jack's efforts & success as an Editor in Chief of the 529 QM. Times - or something - Well - Well! Maybe Jack can go into journalism some day - I should love to see a copy of it - hon - or have you sent one yet? Coming to think of it - wasn't Jack connected with the printing line - Oh! No! that couldn't be - or how would he have landed in the 529 Q.M., he must have had some remote connection with wasps & woofs - no? Anyway, I think it quite a swell idea - re: the paper - Are any contributions welcome? - like "Pomes" or something - or is it a "faux pas" to start a "Wives column" - like we have in our papers - "Letters from Servicemen" - You could have "Letters from Civilians" - That would be something --

Where am I getting? Oh - yes - Olga & my conversation - Well - we do hope to see each other soon - & maybe we'll take a few days together in the country - We'll see. So - dearest - send my love to Jack & Martin -

Now back to the events of the day - I then went & called for the car - drove over to Mads - & then to Moms.