Saw your brother, Bennie - still in the "Pferden" - & not doing well at all - Had a swell supper - & then Mom left for the movies. Pop & I had a good time discussing stuff - like how happy he was that you needed his $ - & about how his job is - & how he feels (fair) & how he will enjoy his vacation lying on the sofa relaxing - & about Pepi & her house & about politics (world & home) and about which Pop has a pretty good fund of knowledge - & much foresight - & memory of in regard to the times he lived there that I don't remember - Swell guy, Pop - also got a sewing machine lesson - & a huge cup of coffee - which I must drink to be gracious - Pop won't give me coffee in a small cup - He drinks his in a bathtub - so - darling on to home - & showed off all your things (which you sent home) to the Arbettans (live across the way). and now here - & now time for bed after all this fun talking with you - a swell chap - I do so miss you as ever - & love you - really I do. Syl