3. We talked and walked back to Brighton where I took another swim. Got back to the beach and found my rubber shoes gone - bastard [illegible] so I had to walk home barefoot and the pavement was burning. How do those Hindues walk over coals but then this couldn't be worse and I did it. Came home feeling really fresh took a shower and dressed. Went then to Garage then picked up Mad, Daniel and Ben and we all went to Bill Harbor where Dad and Mom are currently staying to help dad. This hotel is situated right in the beach at 125th St and it is quite delightful, cool and pleasant. We had a lovely meal consisting of lobster salad, mushroom soup, turkey and trimmings and pineapple short cake. Seated on a gay porch almost on the ocean. Daniel Boy was adorable very well mannered for 5 months and sweet as sugar. Dad looked quite well. It seems he is happiest when away from home. Do you know darling, if we can't find a place to live in Manhattan Bch - Bell Harbor would be very nice and no worse in traveling than here, maybe another 15 minutes travel to the city - oh well there I go talking, planning again, we will see. We hung around the Hotel until 9 P.M. and then came on home. I then returned to my tasks determined to finish as much of my clothing repair and fixing as possible. My goodness I have some of those dresses for years and years and years - like that $1.98 black printed cotton dress I bought in Loehmans but looks like a pleasant dress or that back less dress with the little blue pompom at a very low neck.