Friday Nite, June 15, 1945 Hello dearest darling, My Goodness we have had 2 hectic days and I was unable to write you yesterday. Thus I've had you on my mind for 2 days (my conscience) besides the usual amount of "having you on my mind." But let me go back to yesterday morning. Went to work already feeling the 100% humidity and a definite indication of heat 'a comin'. However, was so busy I paid little attention to the cauldron cookie up. At such time had to make an exchange and buy a present for my departing immediate Supervisor who is going back to school (N.Y. School of Social Work) to get a degree. We bought him 2 shirts. You should see them darling. Wonderful shirts (sports) in a place called a "Clothing Garage." It seemed that this guy had a garage at 21 St and 5th Ave and he was losing money so he set up a kind of Menswear Loehman's. All the stuff is irregular but they are standard brands and can be priced elsewhere. You know how I love stores like that and not only does it appeal to me but guy with nice clothes were buying there. They had for instance those fine Botany wool shirts which today are terrific [Giovannis] for $4.95 - [Brads] had them for $12.95 believe it or not. So what if they have little threads out of place in the back of the shirt. They had a lot of the good McGregor stuff and swell linen (real) slacks for $3.95.