2. So got our two shirts. Then went back to work and rally did some stuff. At 5 (got a 1/2 hour because of heat) dashed out to get a card for the Supervisor and also to gift for a girl in our office who had a baby and whom I promised to visit until school time (8 P.M.) So had supper at the "Cothing Center" yes, you heard me right. That's the name of a vegetarian joint on 17th St and Bdway where you can get almost as much you can eat for 60 cents and today that is a Real Bargain. Had a chopped liver, (Veg. style, lettuce and tomato). Borscht, sour cream and vegetables and pot cheese, chocolate pudding and mile, Yes all for 65 vents (5 cents extra for Borscht). Then I did my errands, dashed over to Dorothy's (the girl with baby) nice people. Her husbands' name is Jimmy Smith aged to discharged from the army (overage) and also going to the N.Y. School on the G.I. Bill of Rights. Jim's brother is a fair novelist. Their baby is cute. And so dashed off to school bat as Hell though it was, the session was very interesting. Talk of the Psychological aspects of the German structure, their peculiar development, resultant attitudes )submissive out of the home, dominant in the home) and how that was used most satisfactorily by Nazism and how it might be used constructively (?) in the future. And then passed in my paper and school was over for this term. Next term plan to take Psycho pathology beginning in Oct. Finally left the class and walked down to 14th St with one of the girls and on to home, arriving at 12 midnight. (No mail from you.)