3. What was astounding was the fact that I had almost died of the heat in NY and yet when I arrived home I was cold - yes cold. Amazing! The water is very cold yet and as the breeze blows over it it gets nice and cool and makes us feel good. But by the time the breeze reaches Manhattan, it must be worn out. And so Thursday passed. Slept soundly and well covered. Awoke this morning to the feeling of great heat once more (it reached 92 degrees) today. Dressed in my "cow" dress. Remember that dress I bought for someone's wedding, a brown and white kind of spotted dress which accentuated the positive in my figure. I wore it that amazingly hot day that we went to wedding. (Maybe [illegible] when Bennie, Frances, you and I went to a place on Church and Utica and had those baked onetons. Do you recall it? Today, that dress is priceless even tho it isn't too new. Then went to work fairly early. Had breakfast then got started on my work and continued until 12 noon. Dashed out, cashed my check, and dashed over to [illegible] for a bottle of whiskey for Pop for Father's Day. The best thing they had was "Lord Calvert's" for $4.89 (1.5th). So bought it but felt it wasn't enough for Pop since you sent me the money to spend. So dashed over to the "Clothing Garage" and bought Pop a light weight rayon and silk shirt with long sleeves in a nice darkish blue all for $3.50, a really elegant shirt.