4. And I know Pop loves darkish blue shirts. Then had a bite of lunch and dashed back to work. At 4 P.M. we were astonished to learn that we were being dismissed then due to the heat which had become unbearable and only last week we were dismissed early because of the cold and no heating facilities. It's screwy! So we all piled in and off we went to Martha Abrahamson's house for the party. Martha lives on Crooke Ave near Grand Army Plaza?) right off Ocean Ave. It was hot there so I left quickly (promising to return) to go to Mom's to give them the present and to see Mom. Mom was home and the house was very pleasant with the door open. Mom insisted I have a piece of Gefilte fish altho we were to eat at Martha's. Mom even made my friend Ruth Brenevasser (a swell girl of the Stinkie Pinkie) eat a piece of potato kugel which she thought very good. Then we returned to the party and since it was full od dead heads and since my Sup. (Myra) you know which one hadn't slept for 3 nights worried about this party because her lack of social graces etc. I had a compulsion to liven things up. So Ruth Brenvasser had 3 or 4 Cuba libres and me 2 apple jacks and ginger ale and we were a swell pair. None of this rowdy business just nice and relaxed and pleasant. We all went up on the roof garden to cool off and there we sang songs, all the old ones and had ourselves a swell time. Even (Myra) was at ease, thank God or else I'd never have heard the end of it when I get back to work. Oh yes, that Myra