5. is some gal! Brilliant yes and I do learn so much from her but what a social failure poor thing. Som Firestone and Florence were there too and our new Supervisor the one who took the place of our departing one. So finally at 10 P.M. made our ways home and once again I was completely confounded by the difference in temperature. It was exceedingly cool at home. So here I have arrived, but undressed and stretched out, called Mad and spoke for a few minutes (She had been feeling ill). Then sat down (12 midnight) to talk with you. Now it's 1 A.M.. Wow I'm "tared" and the wind is blowing gayly and the moon peeps thru. I saw Mr. Moon up there too when I was at the party (on the roof) and couldn't keep my mind and dyes off him because he is our intermediary. I told him what I thought of you and he believes, understood now. I know you received the right message only that I love you very very much. Good Night darling. Good Night Sweetheart. I adore you I mean. Syl P.S. Stopped in to see Fan and Harry Zoslow on Flatbush Ave. You wouldn't know Harry. He's so slim and they have an elegant shop but Fan still [I think the word here is kvetcher. Harry will write to you. Syl