Tuesday, June 19, 1945

  • D.E. Day

Dearest Darling, Am writing with my new pen Just acquired for me by Ben- a Waterman -Isnt it nice? Well-darling -once again it is 1230a m. & here I am in bed at last- & I have just heard a really great man make a speech. I am talking about Dwight Eisenhower It's unbelievable the something this man has- and listening to his quiet unassuming voice- speak reassuring words &phrases- you can't help wonder! and the feeling about him is universal! You should have seen the "Welcome Ike* accorded him. I was carried away by it myself. He seems so Democratic-in the realest sense of the word.- So International- So understanding of the meaning of unity- One of the Commentators said he was truly a soldier of the United Nations Do you know what he did as he *Dwight Eisenhower Day