Sat June 30, 1945 for Fri June 29 Dearest darling. It is one of those days. terrific. It is so hot I can hardly hold this pen without perspiring all over and this is the second day of this kind. Yesterday was a corker too so let me go back to yesterday. In the morning I turned on the radio and learned that it was to be hot but also it was to rain. So dressed accordingly and it was all wrong. I wore heavy shoes and a dress that could get wet. But to hot! Got tower and in the morning we had a Bond Rally. They showed us official War Department pictures depicting the whole plan and looking of a single [illegible] in the Pacific from the beginning of training of the boys. (How touching it all way!) How costly, my God, the whole island was less than 3 miles square and what we spent to take it both lives and money!