Wednesday Night Late June 20, 1945

Dearest darling,

Just arrived home after one of my "big days" - By big - I mean that all thru the long long day, I was so damn occupied that little but what I had to do during each succeeding moment passed thru my mind. This is good - because I have a one-track mind anyway - if you recall - & because, the day thus passed like a bullet - Where did it go?

Awoke to a rainy seemingly cool day - but it fooled me - since later it turned muggy & hot. I had dressed too heavily - & boy! did I feel uncomfortable. Only very much later when I was on the way home & the cool night relieved the day's heat, did I really appreciate my warm jacket.

Arrived at work on time (remarkable feat for me these day.) Dashed down 11 flights of stairs, (since we can't ride down the elevators until 930 AM. Had a "big" breakfast since I had just completed an article which described the ill effects of "my particular eating habits. - Came upstairs & really got to work. At 12 noon - changed something for Mad in a store in the neighborhood - & then went into <?> Redeguld's to see Tippie about Ping Pong Balls - No Tippie - as he is out on the "road" these days - consistently - Learned that he isn't due back until next week - on Thursday - at 430 P.M. I'll recontact him then. Then back upstairs & more work. At 535 P.M. gave out some union leaflets on the floor. Then I went to Eddie Phillip's (my former Supervisor - & former Pres. of the union) cocktail party at Union Headquarters. Had one drink there & felt woozy. Saw a lot of the old kids up there but not too many. Many of them are gone now - the men in service - or ARC - or UNRRA, the girls off to ARC the service - or out of the Dept. now, having gone into Fed Gov't work - or after finishing at the N.Y. School took jobs with Private agencies. It sort of gives me the old itch to get out - too - & certainly to go to school. I still