haven't quite made up my mind. I guess I will stay on in the Dept - & continue to take courses at night.

Well, after the party - had a bit - & then went to a *Medical Field Agent's meeting at the Russell Sage Building - It was very interesting as an exchange of information with other MFA's - & as a question & answer period. We were once again thanked for our participation in a remarkable program - After that had a soda - & went home a few other MF agents -

No mail when I got home but knew it was due to a delay which would arise while you were traveling back since my last letter was dated June 4 & from London. By now you are either back in Reims or on your way to Nuremberg as you mentioned was a possibility.

So once again my thoughts turn back - If I am not too much mistaken - wasn't it June 1943 about this time too - that you came home on furlough - Imagine using such memories already for comfort - & for recollection of your proximity - I remember that hectic night I spent - sleepless waiting for the moment to arise to go to meet you at the station - how we (I) got "bolloxed" up - & dashed home to find you - only to meet you at Franklin Arc - & then your very sweet self coming up the stairs - & my tear stained face (& I had meant to look so damn nice) - & you so deliciously filthy from your miserable trip - But how good to see you - I shall never forget the feel of your arms around me - & I live for that moment again - I dream about it - & review all our moments like that - the Friday nights you came up to the revele - returning from Canada - to meeting at Tacoma - meeting you from Camp Shanks - all - are - so wonderful - So - darling, let me go to sleep now & pick up my daydreams, turning them into night dreams -

I love you, dearest, Syl

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