3. For the cause of unity, I do hope that the English people will be in tune with the times and gets that guy out. He has served his purpose and they internally won't get too much out of him in the future. To go on though Mr. Collins said that the causes of democracy (building up the positive side of the picture today because of the ascendant feeling of cynicism( have not been lost entirely. The countries of the world have had some measure of self-determination and will get a greater and greater amount of it. Here at home, democracy continued in spite of the need for segmentation. The FEPC and the absorbing of minorities in industry has been an educative process to all. We won't forget. Anyway, Collins did a splendid job pointing up negative and positive factors and helped most of us creep out of the "observing" phase of civilian life looking upon the War to a deep resolve to activate ourselves. So back to work until 5:30 when I luckily got a lift to Prospect Pk by car and then on to home.