4. Had my two delicatessen sandwiches in the quiet of the empty house all the while reading one of the finest books I ever read and which I am sending to you. "Freedom Road" by Howard Fast, about the Post Civil Ware period (8 years) ah my God! What an experience reading it. What a sensitive picture, well documented too. Can it have been so? But then you don't know what I am talking about until you read it. My heart bled - God! I couldn't stop until I had finished it and now I have and my heart is still beating madly. But as I write about it I am relaxing. And so that was my day until I came to talk with you. And now I go to wash my hair (full of sand from the beach on Sunday) and then I will return to talk with you again. Excuse plezz! [she draws pics of her heading for the shower, showering, getting dressed and sitting in a chair reading a newspaper.] Hello darling. Here I am back with hair dripping.