5. and looking like a "drip" with a salami sandwich in one hand while the [draws four musical notes] Strauss Waltz plays and it is [draws an umbrella in rainy weather] out and not only But and Boy, what thunder! Can you see the picture, salami, thunder and dripping hair and gay Viennese Waltz. And now I can Brrrrr! return to your letters (the Brrr for the date). I am so far behind I can't seem to catch up at all and it bothers me. If I seem to skip a date or jump about it may be due to one of two things either 1) I received the letre an anomaly very late (a 4/20 letter with a 6/2) or 2) I had answered the letter when I received it because the letter cried out for immediate answer. So with that set, what set? lousy. I go back Yeow! 4/23. This is your "Eggy" letter - 5 Fried Eggs at one time Wow! How did you do it? I love ssunnyside up but I think though I never tried that 3 would be my very limit.