6. Anyway I'm glad you get some eggs, though they have a hell of a lot of albumin which ain't so good for gents (may the news in this letter is old "Russian closing in on Berlin." 4/24 "La Veuve Joyeuse". So that's how you really say it see, Im so decent in my mind. I translate La femme Joyeuse due n'ac' pas l'homme. But that ain't true. Can there be "a woman joyful who does not have a man." The answer is NO! 4/25 And again another show "Blithe Spirit" my goodness! I amy be up on the new things and if I may so "quality" but Boy! You certainly have the "quantity" on me but plenty. And then on top of that you saw "Wildon" a daily matter. Your entertainment dearest can - can I see you settling for a show movie or concert every day at home (goodie) but then I am gad that you have the opportunity to keep occupied and entertained. 4/26 I agree with you about "Wilson" and I'll see it again when I get the chance. As for comparing Wilson with Roosevelt yes, it could be but now we know that Roosevelt had so very much more in the way of principles, foresight, knowledge, the way with a man, leadership, human understanding etc. Boy I loved that man! 4/27 — nice, pleasant evening, it did really seem at the [illegible]