7. and "one smart feller" still has its amusing aspects. I wonder why you didn't try "Stinkie Pinkie" in French or must one's vocabulary be quite extensive for the game? How would you say "the Cold Right". Is it, could it be, Le droit or aren't they pronounced alike but spelled similarly? Or how about a silken evening party? One Soiree moire - Gee! Don't I stink in Stinkie Pinkie Francsaise )Pinkie must be feminine don't you agree?) Good heavens! Can one say "Stinkie Pinkie" in French. If so, would you please tell me the translation. I can note from your letters that your Ping Pong or is it "La table tennis" is doing beaucoup tres bien - n'est-ce pas? I am afraid by the time you may be starting in on German lessons. So you will be calling it Der Tishe Tennis or something (I hope not). Reims seemed like a pleasant place to stay around at which. 4/28 A usual evening dearest for you a movie, ping pong, and beer. Sounds pleasant too, I'm glad. So you were "pulling my let" re: the "masterful" dame stuff.