4/29 A day off that is something for you. "The air is full of peacefulness (German)". You say in this letter. Heavens. Wasn't that in another era, millennium or what have you? Yep, and the moving business is so long ago and now I can tell you that it hurts where hurt is deep and I don't believe you fully when you say it didn't knock you for a loop. But I've gotten over it and I'm sure you have. The change inevitable regarding all phases of living goes on and thank Heaven, we retain some adaptability. But dearest without you the adaptability would only be a word. It is really you who gave me the feeling of security and the motivation to go on no matter what. And now darling at the end of April I leave you. It is now 12 midnight but it was so good talking with you. I really enjoyed it. I shall hear the news and then go to sleep. Good night my darling. I love you. Syl P.S. 4/30 letter was answered. So April falls "into the background". Only a new April to ponder upon!