Saturday, June 23, 1945 For Friday — vSat. Dearest darling, Had a full day yesterday — We are exceedingly busy on our [illegible] Study which will be [illegible]. No matter what I think of my [illegible] (The One), she is a dynamic and brilliant and as much as I [illegible] her personally, I understand her and always [illegible] some bit of [illegible] for her. [illegible] busy all day — at 530 P.M. had [illegible] [illegible] was time to go home. During [illegible] [illegible], held an Executive Board Meeting [illegible]. At 500 — dashed to Mom's — had [illegible] [illegible] and ate and ate — [illegible] suddenly that I was very hungry. Read Pep's letter and I [illegible] [illegible] [illegible] usual style. The letter was a happy, [illegible] we [illegible] that ') [illegible] had pretty well suited [illegible] v) he paid her plenty of attention 3) all was well with [illegible] +) they were making a lot of money and had