Saturday nite. June 32, 1945 at Mad's

Dearest darling, Left you earlier today - and Now here I am- listening to a Dodger Boston game- Chast half of 8th inning) 14-10 (favor of Dodgers) Some game as you can well imagine with that score. It is my type of game full of action. What do you think of the Dodgers these days? 3 1/2 games ahead- even in these times__ Aren't you proud of being Brooklyn native? After I Left you I went up on the roof- sat in the hot sun + got me a swell sun burn- Boy- it feels very gone - wait a minute- the score is 14-12- (top of the Ninth inning)- none out in Boston yet I spoke too soon - Gee! It would be nice to have you sitting around here Listening to the game. Ben is a baseball-