Monday, June 25, 1945 (for Sunday) Dearest darling, Yesterday was a wonderfully relaxed day. It was the last day before Dad and Mother returned home and thus the last day of quiet in the house. I awoke at 9 A.M. Got out of bed reluctantly but did so because I was hungry. Had a nice breakfast. Then dressed in my bathing suit because it was very hot, I cleaned the house. Had lunch, then lay down for a quiet few moments while I awaited Ruth K's arrival. Before I knew it, as usual, I fell asleep. Awoke to find Ruth K standing over me. We then planned the day. We decided to go to the beach and get some sun on us. So we did. The beach was only fairly crowded in consideration of the heat. We sat in the sun then went to look for the Finestones. We didn't find them on the beach so stopped up at their house and spent a pleasant half hour with them. Then back to Mad's to deliver some groceries but stayed for dinner. We had planned to go out to eat but Mad offered us greater gruel and faster