2. service. After that played with little Daniel. Then home and took nice fresh showers, dressed and returned to Mad's to bring her some milk for Daniel. Found my Mother and Father there and also Mr. and Mrs. Sona (remember Mad's old landlady). Also Sam Becker outside of the house returned with David. A rather embarrassing situation except for the fortunate fact that Ben was on duty and not around. We stayed for a few moments then left to go to the movies. We saw two good pictures. "Thunderhead, son of Flicka" the heartfelt story of a horse and "Mr. Emmanuel The Story of a Great Jew" the latter picture tore one's heart strings. Did you ever read the story? It was one of the trilogy by Louis Golding - "Magnolia Street" "The Sisters" were the others. Left the theatre feeling a bit low after the picture. Had an ice cream soda then on