4. played at the base. Of course I said "yes" especially since I had no other plans. So arrived home to pick up the mail. Found Mom and Dad returned home. There was your 6/13 letter written from London just as you were about to leave. I enjoyed your letter. You seemed to have had a very pleasant time. Boy! 7 hours on a train and no seat - goodness! You have changed darling. When I think of a circumstance like that in the old days - No! I don't think you would but then the circumstance would never be similar here. It is quite another thing to be in a strange country with your only friends and the distance from where you are yes dearest I can understand it and from your subsequent description it was with it. I did so love you little old spinster, Miss [illegible]. She seemed to step right out of an English movie but I am sure she has her counterpart in the [illegible] sisters of New England.