5. I do hope you arrived back at camp not too exhausted. We also received a letter from Al dated 6.20 and he says he will be back in the states within a few weeks. It will be good to see him. He has been gone since 12/43 and it does not seem so long ago that he was home. Yet it seems like ages and ages since I saw you. I guess it is too - almost 21 months - and now I can get back to some of your letters. When I left home I grabbed the first most available pile and find that the first one is dated 5/5: You speak of the "disintegration of the German armies" - My! That was a long time ago, or wasn't it? Actually a little more than a month ago and it seems like ages. Time has the queerest qualities these days. Rolls away like nothing and yet in introspect seems like ages. I guess because measured in events it seem so much longer. Thank you again dearest for the money order except that the time I am sure you needed it. I took care of Mom and Pop and everyone's Day. All I have to get now is a little gift for