6. Julian Richard Palmar. You speak of my sitting in our room at 129 F and that too is only a memory by now. Tho fondly there are times when I do miss the place. Castoldo is moving in there this week. My how discerning you are. Yes Shimpanell's [illegible] looks like this [drawing]. Dope that I am! The next letter is postmarked 5/6 but is dated 5/3 so here I go backwards.: So you find poker is no temptation for you. Well you are not at all like your brother Ben. Strange isn't it? If he were in the army he would have a series of games organized. So you eat 3 or 4 eggs at one time. That is funny. Well that isn't such a bad habit and remember when we looked askance at Ny Levine when he said he do likewise. 5/6: Nothing new darling. You planned to go to the [illegible] ([illegible]) with Madeliene [illegible] dancing. I know you enjoyed it in spite of Madeliene's only fair dancing. Well darling I am now listening to the news. There is new hope in things. I think the people's voice and feeling for a good peace