638 Thursday, June 28, 1945 Dearest Darling, Hello! Here I am sitting on Mom’s bed with the little light over my left shoulder. Mom + Dad are out. They went to look over a ring for Sybil. We are rather expecting Al’s arrival momentarily. I’m afraid Sybil will have to be engaged + married all at once. They do things quickly these days. But then, darling, we were never “engaged”. I guess we were always considering marriage as an actuality – so maybe we were always “engaged” – n’est – ce pas? No mail again tonite [sic]. Your last letter is 2 weeks old today + I am beginning to wonder whether it’s the mail or whether you have actually moved + thus holding up the mail. Today was a little more comfortable for me than usual. I am working at a little slower pace. Also it was only about [85°] today which made it pleasant. We had word today that we were going to be allowed to work from 9 to 5 (our old schedule) – which will mean a lot since we will be arriving home at reasonable hours – Perhaps, for the train ride won’t be as terrible at that hour. Remember the old days when you use to get out actually in the middle of the afternoon - 430 PM – And how I would have dinner ready for you at 515 P.M.