2. Since you had been so accustomed. We then had those lovely long evenings together. It was nice! Now I am not at all versed to having even the short evenings to spend — “doing nothing.” When such an evening comes — I feel rather a bit lost. It isn’t easy to come home + read a book the way I used to + fall asleep in the middle of [illegible] — recall, Darling? I must be in a “recalling” mood tonite [sic]. Had dinner in Lundy’s which continues to be a mad house. Aunt Fanny came in with me. Dad ate his usual dozen clams. — + I joined in — also lobster (good too) & Lundy’s pie – then home here. Thus the day went quickly enough - My goodness July is almost upon us — + of a certainty will slip away – like all the other months, before I realize that has passed. I am taking no vacation this summer. I hope to use my few days around Thanksgiving so I can rest up + look good toward the end of the year — perhaps who knows — the motivation is there anyway — I thought I might write to Valeria — you know that spot where Civil Service Workers may get rest + quiet at very low cost. Some of the girl urged me to go away during the summer – but I hate the summer resorts (without you, especially) — + they are frightfully expensive this year.