3. Ah — yes — I wanted to ask you. There is a possibility of getting an apartment (with a terrace) in this house — Would you want it? Or would you prefer to wait — + plan to take Mary’s place until we could get ourselves maybe one of those prefabricated houses — they are quite fine for our uses — Or are the call of Manhattan Bch got you? You needn’t give the matter too much thought — but just some superficial thinking + let me know. I am still being urged to sell the car in the high market — but I still don’t want to — we may be homeless — but I hate to think of being carless — So what if we lose a couple of hundred on it — At least it will be there when you come home. Don’t you agree? Any how to your letters. 5/7 — (Awaiting word of V.E. day!) + the description of the fete (“Circle Musicale Cecilia”) Am just listening to a trans-atlantic quiz — John Mason Brown, + Christopher Morley — vs — (American) D. W. Brogan — David Niven (for England) — Each is to answer questions about the other’s country — the winner is the team which knows the greatest amount about the other’s country. First quest: Why was the British sailor called a “John Tar” (All clothing water-proofed with tar) 2. Bunthorne’s Bride (“Patience”) — (Mr. J. B. Brown had to give the other name — of “Bunthorne’s Bride” — it’s [struck: quickly] completely unrehearsed like — Information Please — + really delightful — I must stop to listen — Which U.S. (State) has the right to 10 senators under some conditions — And the Britsher got it too!