4. The answer is Texas — (agreement that it might divide itself into 5 states when it became part of the U.S. — How do you like that? English Question — “3 Ghosts” — (English) First ghost: “Man who came to Dinner” Christopher Morly: Banquo 2nd ghost — Converted a miser Christopher Morley Jacob Marley (Xmas Carol) 3rd ghost was a “Caster” in Dublin — (Sweet Molly Malone) — We missed that. American Question — Which are the only 3 flags in the U.S. which are never furled —? (3 places) — where it never can be furled — 1. Answer-Grave of Francis Scott Key — (And the Britisher got it!) 2. East v West gate of Capitol (British didn’t get these) 3. Negro expressions: “The old man with the whiskers” (They got it) Ball + Chain (They got it) Old Hannah (go down “Old Hannah — ([Seen]) (missed) Gee! It’s Cute — imagine — a quiz between people 3000 miles apart! English! List of Henry VIII wives + which of them were mothers of queens! 1. Catherine of Aragon (Ch. Morley) (Mary) 2. Anne Boleyn (Elizabeth’s mother) — 3. Anne Seymour C. Morly. 4. Anne of Cleves C. Morly 5. Catherine Howard — 6. Kathlin Parr —