5. Eng. Question If reading a guide Book — reading of the “Folly” [inserted: OK (morley)] the Gazebo” [inserted: Cupola OK. (Brown)] — Ha Ha! [inserted: Fewer [reasoning] in middle [strikeout] of a [illegible] — missed!] [Illegible] building — or tower — C. Morly — American: "Nicknames of 3 states — Diamond State — (Delaware) missed Blue Grass — OK — [never]! Blue Hen State — (Delaware) - missed Don't blame 'em! 2. Re: a movie. a hypothetical movie with Lana Turner, "Deanna Durbin" + Gary Cooper — (Under different contracts) — OK — [review]! English — What do they mean by "Candy" — Ans. by Brown — "Rock Candy" What English River is connected with Hades! Ans: Morley — Any river with "sticks" in it! Funny! River Styx in Darbyshire [sic] OK. Morley! My Goodness! I hope you will understand all of this — it was So amusing — + sort of brought me closer to you. Wait — who won — let me see! Guess who [win]! New York of course! 18-14 (London) — Well dearest — I didn't get very far with your letters but I felt we were listening to the radio together — So long darling — here come Mom + Dad — Good night — Precious — I love you, Syl