88 Sunday — Aug — 22, 1943 Dearest — A meeting of the "Lonely Hearts Club" has commenced — Rose H — Sarah F & I are seated around the kitchen table —und wir Schriben briefe les tzu unsere memne! This is fun — we pass cracks — and make comments. Well darling the weekend is over — and strangely enough I am very glad —Somehow —Keeping well occupied during working hours —is so much better than even the spare time alloted to me over weekends — Last nite after I wrote to you — Bess M — Rose B. Aunt Fanny & my mother had a gab session — & film —Bess had much to tell us About a marriage possibility who is Now working for the [struck: Air] Commercial Airways Company in Hawaii who proposed marriage to her via Letters —She knows him for many years but hasn't seen him for 4 years — It is a serious problem for her and we gave her our Anthony Advice — After that a session of Dirty Jokes & more Laughter