2. Went to bed about —1 AM — which is really early for a Sat. nite — Today was quiet — during the morning Sammy came & took David out. Sammy Looks much better — but somehow has the same Aimless Look of the boys At camp —I feel sorry for him — especially when David said to him — "Ben is my everyday Daddy and you Are my Sunday Daddy" — It was heart breaking — Sam asked him who had told him that — and he said he Just thought so — So I had the morning to myself in the sun — thinking of you — Later Rose came & Sarah F — & Uncle Morris — Aunt Libby etal. and a Frisky argument arose — Uncle Morris in his usual stubborn manner insisting he was right — But the girls understood and did not press him too much —We then went back to our old hobby of translating —you know —And I was hysterical — Rose did one —'I have a Little Shadow — ' that goes in & out with me etc —And what can be the use of him etc.