3. She didn't know how to say shadow — so it turned out Like this — Ich hub eppis vos geht erein wud arois mit mir — Und zu vus darf ich is — vais ich nicht —(Boy oh Boy!) — Ain't that a pipperoo? And others — Gee! It was Fun — Then some ping pong — Then some new records that Sammy brought (This the Army Album — Bing Crosby) Now writing Letters — And Sarah F is talking Gelitziona — As Above translation — Gite. Stite — Midlich —You know — The girls are busy — but plan to Leave very shortly —and then I shall be Alone again — to think of you — dearest — Today — I played the Veldt songs — and during the playing —I saw you every where — walking in from the kitchen — sitting in the blue chair — Gee — I'm not going to play them Anymore —Should I — dearest —I guess I will — I want to see you Around the house —it is good — good — good — It is 6 P.M. P.T. Sunday nite — How did you spend your Sunday, darling —Have you had tie to go to the photography class —Will you listen to music tomorrow nite? If so — what About the Nut cracker Suite — or Tchaikovsky