4. Concerto — If so — I am there — seated on that sofa — smoking a cigarette — beside you — Listening quietly — I really Am — Did you find any especially good mystery stories to read in that swell Library — If so Let me know — Tomorrow —work — & perhaps a meeting in the evening — By the way, I am thinking seriously of going back to school — in Sept — Some thing that I can take twice a week — No more — Don't worry About me over working — sweets. I won't — As for my condition — It is All gone — My All Day sleep yesterday fixed me up. How are Cam & Bill getting Along — I Heard — not so hotly — And Frank & Joe? & Martin & Jack & Harry — etc. Got any dirt to dish? Sarah F — sends her Love — As does Rose — you shall — see — Mad will be home Any minute Now — My how those 2 days Flew By — I hope all my days Fly by as quickly — until I see you Again — and then they can stay put — But "Put". Sarah H wishes to say a few words —

<Sarah H writes: Hello tutsie wutsie mutsie The lonely hearts club met in your>