Sat. nite - Jan 8, 1944 12 Mid -

Dearest - my sweet-

I had started to write this letter at about 9 P.M. - But - first Dad came in - & we schmoozed - for a while - and then Bess M & Rose Brown came in - then Mad & Ben returned from N.Y. - where they had seen - "North Star" - and so - I was occupied until now - But let me be a little more chronological in relating the events of the day - darling -

Got up at the ridiculous hour of 830 A.M. See - darling - I don't know what has happened to me since you left - I used to be able to wake up automatically at the right time - do you remember - I got up before the alarm went off most of the time - Now I am startled by the alarm - turn it off & go back to sleep - of course - I am dopey