plans to go south leaving Mad to go down to the business and of course the complication re: David. You see Dan is being indicted on March 21. He got a 60 day adjustment period. But he is going at last - Mad says he looks lousy and hates the idea but he has no choice. They are taking Pops right and left now and there is no doubt that if situation had been normal for him he would have been taken now anyway. He had a low order #. The question will be about whether David can go away now. Sam may want him home until he leaves. So Well it will be adjusted somehow. Then Bess M. and Rose B both looking gay with red nosed from the cold. Rose B's husband just got to OCS after a furlough and is working very hard. Bess M as gay and sweet as ever. We talked of this and that and you and your letters (Read some of them to all)