And that brings me to your letters and to answering same. I am wondering whether to answer them as they came (Dec 30 - Dec 28 - Dec 31) or in their chronological order. (So to the letter). So you saw "For Me and My Gal?" No dearest I didn't see it but can still see it and I am glad you told me about it because seeing it now will give it new meaning (a sort of sharing.) Yes, I saw "Lady Take a Chance" and liked it too partly because I knew how much you adored Jean A.

As for the [illegible] of letters you say mine aren't. I am surprised but I think you are wrong all outgoing mail from one country to another is not completely censored but I am sure is "sampled". As for your letters dearest only one had been censored (a word crossed out) and I wrote you about that remember. I can't for the world of me figure the reason because the word crossed out was in a sentence about home.