There is this of course, I have had a certain amount of freedom since you left, what I didn't have before freedom from responsibility of many home duties and of course plenty of time and that has been pleasant but I still would prefer the old patterns and I am sure time will test this preference. So hurry up you war?

Dec. 30 (Air mail letter arrived before V mail above.) I am so glad you received the package on time for the New Years celebration and the cheese came intact! And your plans for New Years Eve! Quiet! No doing! No dames! But dearest I can understand how you felt. Haven't we felt that way for many years, and I have already told you how I avoided the mass brawling and how I took off my holiday best put on my ski clothes and took a walk in the clear fresh air after I had taken 2 drinks, one for me and one for us (at 12 midnight) the tears did not come because the wonderful night [illegible] then anyway.