Oh how I enjoyed that last paragraph. So you still love me? Good to know. In fact were I freezing I could read that paragraph over and over and keep warm. Thanks Bud! Dec 31. So you changed your New Years Eve plans! Good. I hope it was good. I know that you won't drink over much (ah ha!) I just reread your last letter so you will have a combination of both. Wonderful idea anything as long as you have had a good time! Yes dearest I remember last year you had to work on N. Years day and our guests (slightly unexpected) stayed until about 5 A.M. Do I remember? Ha!

As for your Anglocisms I do hope you keep some of them! You know I have always been an Anglophile (is that right?) meaning I have always liked the English pronunciations and expressions so go on darling a little Ronald Colman in you will not detract from your usually nice self, hon. What say or should I say just "What?"