Wow at last you got the money order. I am so glad. You probably got it much too late for a repeat to London. But money will be coming regularly darling as much as I can spare every payday. Dearest I am glad you reassure me upon your position in regard to danger. I am reserved, but I am not a dope. I still think in terms of the "fluidity" of the army and so remain prepared for any change which may occur the same time. I shall be pleased no end if you remain where you are.

Darling what does E.S.Q. stand for. I thought I had learned many of the alphabetical combinations which are the sign of our times but there are a few I don't know - E.T.O. one of them.

Well dearest comes now 1:05 A.M. and once again my eyes became dampish with efforts to keep them open (in spite of the nap)