Sat. Eve. Jan 22-1944- 10-P.M. EW.T. at home In Bed yes-wow!

Dearest Darling- Can you imagine- look where + at what time I am there- Oh- How good it is- lying in Bed- while Mao + Ben - play Gin Rummy- in the corner- OH! I Forget to tell you about the Bedroom's new arrangement- so that can be possible-

(By the way- this is the setting- I shall follow with my ploy)

[drawing of bedroom layout. Two separate beds in room. Changing screen, two chests, chairs and tables.]

I may paper this screen with your V-mail letters pictures, picture post cards etc. so I can read and see you at all times - good idea?

"Meadowland" playing warm cozy. SGW: Play Begins we talk- "Hello Cookie" MW: Hya! Kid [picture of two eyes, one winking] Wink SGW: Received oodles of letters today. MW: Good good. SGW: Well I have been receiving mail every day. You are some guy to take so much of your time to write. But darling you must not do so if it is a chore. I will be satisfied with fewer letters - mostly.