M. W -- Don't be silly -- Kio -- I like to write -- so what if I don't play On -- me evening --

(Jack isn't around ow anyway?)

SGW -- So -- you are working -- now in shifts -- I m so glad -- you have time to sleep -- at night -- at night some of the time -- + sleep is rather important -- But I have learned that one can make one's body get used to almost anything -- I have been getting less + less sleep lately -- as you may have noticed -- But I don't seem to mind it so much -- I don't wilt as quickly as I used to -- Don't you agree --

M.W -- "I agree - my experiences indicates -- Kid -- that me can get used to so much" -- Stage Interlude [arrow -->] (Note -- you have as small a part -- Because as usual I have so damn much to say) --

S.G.W. Dearest -- I am glad you asked for that subscription to P.M -- today -- because yesterday + the papers I had sent out to you last week were returned stamped "unmailable" -- crazy! wait until I see that guy at the Post Office -- he told me to send them -- First class mail in 3 packages -- 45 ¢ -- in stamps! So shall I get busy on the subscription --

M.W -- Thanks -- Kids-- It will be good to read the news of home -- + its presentation by P.m -- Besides the many feature articles (strange interlude) -- I sure make you sound stiff --) you: (changing the subject)

M.W. Your appriciation for overseas ARC work is entirely a matter -- you must decide --

SGW I have heard the ARC is not too well loved -- not too progressive in its policies -- and I would have too little chance to get to you -- Besides how would you get the little things from home I know you Love -- and all the things that need