attending to -- like the car -- your insurance -- etc -- etc -- etc -- So -- Home -- it is for me -- Home sweet home

M.W -- So -- you now know -- I even wash not only my socks but my linen -- don't you know -- cheerio -- what?

S.G.W -- Wow! Some English -- But I promise you -- you won't have to do it -- after this mess is over -- By Golly!

M.W Damn! I wish I could get a good drink of scotch occasionally (Here so close to the home of the stuff -- Bu scarcity is scarcity -- But -- Kid -- whenever you drink a good drink -- have one for me (I made you human -- in the speech -- don't you think?) --

S.G.W Wow again! you know what happens when I take 2 drinks -- But if it kills me -- dearest -- one shall be for you!

M.W Talk of drinks -- "So the food "ain't what it used to be in out favorite restaurants"

SGW -- I don't mind darling -- means [home] are awfully good -- it hardly pays to eat out --

M.W -- By the way -- Am trying to pick up a little something for the house -

SGW -- Sweet -- ok you darling -- I know that whatever you choose will be just right + I shall love + cherish it

End of act I (Jan 8 Letters)